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Bird walk

Martin Bowman will be leading his annual Bird Walk in the Summerstown Forest for FOTST members on Sunday, May 10.  The maximum number of participants is 10.  To reserve a place in advance, email Martin at

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Moonlight outing – snowshoeing

Moonlight outing – snowshoeing (members and guests only) (7:30 pm)

The Moonlight Snowshoe Outing on Thursday evening, March 5th will take place even if there is cloud cover. There is no “cloud date” scheduled.

For this activity, please note that this invitation is for members and their guests only and that it will be snowshoes only. If you intend to participate, please email Jean-Pierre Tibi at indicating the number of participants as this will help us plan the activity.

If you do not own snowshoes, FOTST has 15 pairs of snowshoes which will be made available free-of-charge to the participants on a first-come, first-served basis; reservations are required. To make a reservation, email Jean-Pierre Tibi at  

The moon will rise at 6:03 p.m. and it will be a full moon. The sun will set at 5:51 p.m.


7:15 p.m.:       Meet in parking lot for instructions.
                      Distribution of free snowshoes.
                      All participants sign in.
7:30 p.m.:       Departure on the trails.
8:30 p.m.:       Return to parking lot.
                       All participants sign out.
9:00 p.m.:       At Jack’s Pub (Williamstown) for refreshments.


  • Participants are requested to wear headlamps.
  • Mandatory sign-in/sign-out for every participant.
  • Emergency phone number.
  • Small groups with guides available.
  • Snowshoeing on designated trails only.
  • Snowmobile available for any emergency.


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Family Day activities
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Family Day activities


The FOTST photograph (above) is kids from Williamstown on skis for the first time at Family Day 2015.

Canadians are indeed a hardy breed. In spite of the bitter cold conditions – the temperature “warmed up” to about minus 14 by mid-afternoon – more than 175 participants came out to the Summerstown Trails on Family Day, including a well-dressed 14-month old from Williamstown who brought out his whole family of five to enjoy winter fun.

This was the 4th annual Family Day hosted by the Friends of the Summerstown Trails (FOTST) and for many families, it was a great opportunity to experience XC skiing or snowshoeing for the first time at no cost as all the equipment is available free of charge throughout the day.

The sun was shining and being active on the wind-sheltered forest trails guaranteed that everyone came back from their outing warm enough to stick around and a enjoy the free hot dogs and marshmallows that were being offered. One young lad even mentioned that frozen cookies tasted better!

FOTST Board Member and organizer Mary Lou Leroux specially wished to thank the nearly 20 FOTST volunteers who came out to help and make sure that everything ran smoothly. All the volunteers had smiles on their faces, specially the hot dog “chefs” who stood a bit closer to their barbecues on this day.


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Annual Summerstown Forest Dion Snowshoe Race

FOTST is pleased to announce that the third annual Summerstown Forest Snowshoe Race will be the 5th race of The Spafford Health and Adventure 2015 Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series.  

Race Date:  Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time:  10:00 am (Race-day registration on-site from 8:30 AM until 9:45 PM)
Distance:  7.55 km

Course:  The FOTST trails in the Summerstown Forest (10 minutes from Cornwall, ON).  Mostly single track with lots of possible passing areas. Packed rolling terrain makes this a fast, beautiful, tree-covered course.

Facilities:  Please bring warm clothes to change into following the race.  There will be a porta-potty on site as well as a heated shipping container to change and warm up in (space limited).  Petro-Canada at the 804 0ff ramp from the 401 (1.7 km from the site) has offered their showers and change facilities before and after the race (from 9:30 AM until 2:00 PM).
Parking:  Free limited parking at race start for the early birds; otherwise, road-side parking is available.
Snowshoes:  Dion Snowshoes has provided 15 pairs to rent ($5.00 a pair/race) on a first-come, first-served basis.The fee is payable on race day at pickup.  To reserve a pair, email .
Unlikely Weather:  In the event of no snow the race will be a trail race.

EARLY ENTRY FEE: $20.00 (before January 31, 2015)
REGULAR ENTRY FEE: $25.00 (February 1st – February 13, 2015)


• First place female and male overall will win merchandise awards from our sponsors.
• All participants are eligible for numerous draw prizes.  (Everyone went home with something last year.)  :)
• Post race snacks will be provided.

Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series: Each racer's top three finishes will count towards the series with the lowest point total being declared the winner.  The first place female and male winner of the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series will each win a pair of top-of-the-line Dion running snowshoes at the conclusion of the series.


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