It's going to be warm and sunny this weekend. Now for the bad news.

Snowshoeing will be your best bet. There is still 100% cover on SS11 & SS15 with the odd rocks showing through; but you'll be walking mainly on the icy base as most the snow cover has gone.  It'll be quite hard early in the mornings (snowshoes or microspikes a must), getting softer as the day goes on. There are a few water spots to look out for. The other SS trails are the same, but showing more bare spots.

For skiing, the main A (red) trail is down to its icy base, with some large water areas; tracking non-existent. Lots of debris on the trails. B1 & B6 are the same, with a bit more snow cover on the icy base. Skiing not really recommended.

Rentals are closed for the season.