The weather extremes of the last week have left some challenging trails conditions, including icy sections and downed trees/branches. Recent grooming has not been possible.

All trails still enjoy 100% cover (no bare patches) and we are working hard to remove the numerous fallen branches - IF YOU CAN, GIVE US A HAND IN REMOVING THESE BRANCHES.

SNOWSHOE TRAILS ARE FULLY OPEN with some fresh snow over a hard packed crusty base. Occasional icy sections are to be expected.

Skate ski trails are quite fast with some fresh snow over a crusty base. Beware of some icy sections especially in the area of the T junction. Numerous fallen branches in some areas are being cleared. Expect fallen pine trees and boughs on A3 leading up to the gravel pit.

Classic Trails - TRACKS HIGHLY VARIABLE RANGING FROM QUITE GOOD TO NON-EXISTENT. Surface consists of some fresh snow over a crusty base. Expect occasional icy conditions and much fallen debris.