Trail Update - January 5, 2017

Trails are open!! We're happy to report that we survived the rain. Thank you to everyone for respecting our "trails closed" notice.

The trails, for the most part, are hard packed with an icy crust layer and 1-2cm of fresh snow on top of that.  

The snowshoe trails are in good shape (there is a bit of water in the usual spots).

The skate ski trails are fair (and probably very fast). The classic trails still have the track set formation (albeit a bit rained out). Overall, conditions on the ski trails are fair.

****Please be advised that on B1, at the bottom of the tricky hill near snowshoe trail 12, there is a large pool of water. Please walk down this hill to avoid going for a swim****

We need more snow for sure, but the trails are usable. Enjoy everyone and thank you!